" The very nature of the web is its universality. It must be accessible to all persons with disabilities. "

Tim Berners-Lee

At Ipedis, we choose to put this citizen initiative at the heart of our activities, and we strive to provide our customers with an accessible website that complies with the Simple-A level of the international accessibility standards, WCAG 2.1.

Accessibility policy

This website complies with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines laid out in the W3C WAI initiative. It has been designed with accessibility for all Internet users in mind, including seniors and people with disabilities.

A website that complies with accessibility standards can drastically improve user experience. Still not convinced? Check out some of its advantages:

  • Logical and well-organised website content

  • Improved website performance by 30 to 80%

  • The website is displayed in the same way regardless of the browser used.

Browser compatibility

This website is compatible with all recent browsers which support HTML 5 and CSS 3 and use HTML and CSS vocabulary and grammar recommended by the W3C.

Consequently, this website achieves optimal results when the latest generation browsers are used while still being accessible by older browsers.

The following browsers are recommended:

  • On MacOS.X (Macintosh operating system 10): Opera, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Chrome

  • On Windows: Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer 11 and more, HPR (Home Page Reader) 3.0

  • On Linux: Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera

Browser principles

You will find the following browsing elements on all pages on the site :

  • The Ipedis logo

    Allows you to go back to the home page from the internal links on the website.

  • The main menu

    contains access links to the main content organised into sections through a structured hierarchy.

  • Quick access links

    Access the menu and the content: especially useful for blind people, allow direct access to the corresponding editorial area of each page.

  • Priority links

    At the bottom of the page: Cookies, Help and Terms of use.

  • Keyboard navigation

    Use the “up” and “down” arrows to move the scroll bar, the tab to browse from link to link and the “Enter” key to follow an active link.

Accessibility rate

The website audit conducted by Ipedis points out a 100% level of accessibility compliance Single-A.

This rate includes :

  • 33 compliance criterion in the themes Images, Links, Colors, Mandatory elements, Information structure, Information presentation, Navigation and Consultation;
  • 49 not applicable criterion from the absence of elements in some requirements of the thematic: Images, Mandatory elements, Information structure, Information presentation, Navigation and Consultation, and all the criterion of thematic Scripts, Forms, Frames, Multimedia and Tables.

Report a problem

If you face any problem of accessibility, please contact us.