Human-oriented digital innovation

We have been designing accessibility solutions since 2006, and are focused on tailoring inclusive, efficient and original digital experiences to all users, including the disabled. We are a team of competent, passionate experts from diverse professions united by the idea that digital accessibility is for everybody’s benefit, and should therefore be the norm.

Ipedis in brief

State of the art

PubliSpeak™ is our flagship product: the first ever universally accessible interactive flipbook. Annual reports, magazines, brochures… flipbooks are the digital version of a physical booklet. Unlike a typical PDF file, flipbooks are digitally “bound” and respond to the same movements and actions of reading as a physical book. PubliSpeak is completely accessible to everyone, can be viewed by all browsers and all handheld/desktop devices. It is interactive and environmentally friendly. That is how we operate.

Latest insights

We believe in sharing our knowledge. We love to talk and think about design, digital accessibility, and new technology. Also, we’re quite proud of what we’ve accomplished so far. So yes, we do have a blog!